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Diamond Showcase Testimonials

Carrie & James Martin
Scottsdale, Arizona

My husband and I would like to thank you once again for a truly amazing experience with Diamond Showcase. As you know, we have purchased four pieces from you in the past and have been thrilled with each and every one of them.

We’d especially like to thank you personally for the extreme level of customer service that you have provided over the years. We value your opinion and expertise when selecting our pieces from you. Two of our pieces were custom made and you worked with us extensively to ensure that we were getting exactly what we wanted. You are a pleasure to work with and have earned our business for life. I cannon thank you enough for the superior level of service you have demonstrated. You truly go above and beyond for your customers. Thank you.

Your loyal customers for life,
Carrie & James Martin

Tony Merritt Testimonial:
Mesa, Arizona

What made me decide to purchase from Diamond Showcase was their straightforward presentation and the honesty with which I felt I was being dealt with. I found their staff extremely informative, knowledgeable and straightforward. Pricing and value I thought was extremely competitive. Next time I need to purchase any jewelry I will go directly back to Diamond Showcase. I would recommend Diamond Showcase to immediate friends, close friends and old friends.

Peter Gobar Testimonial:
Wickenburg, Arizona

What made me most interested in visiting Diamond Showcase was the quality of their web site.  It actually listed specific stones and the particulars of the stones.  It was very informative.  And also, there was a large selection, it wasn't just a few stones available.  The Diamond Showcase staff spent over two hours with us on our first visit and over five hours with us on our second visit.  We were in no way rushed.  The staff showed us things and addressed things that many other jewelers will not even talk about. One thing I liked about all of the stones that we looked at was that they were below the Rapaport wholesale diamond price list. I looked at various places on the Internet and other places in Phoenix and Scottsdale and hands down, the attitude, service, professionalism was second to none at Diamond Showcase. They know what they are talking about. I would absolutely recommend Diamond Showcase to anyone I know and in fact I have. I would absolutely recommend Diamond Showcase without any reservation whatsoever. When it is time to get any more high end jewelry for my wife I plan to go to Diamond Showcase. I hope to have a long term relationship with Diamond Showcase. It is just excellent. I see no reason to go anywhere else. I could not give a higher rating to any other business that I have done business with in the past ten years.



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