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Jewelry & Diamond Appraisals

Did you know that the cost of Gold, Platinum, and Diamonds and many other precious and semi-precious gemstones are at all time highs?  Currently, Gold is over $800 an ounce and Platinum is around $1,500 per ounce.  Over the past two years alone, the value of most major jewelry components has increased by at least 20%.

An appraisal is a very important document as it is what allows you as a consumer to obtain insurance for the jewelry you have. It is of great importance that your appraisal is accurate, as if it is too low, you will not have the coverage you need in the event of a loss, and it if is too high, you will end up paying much more for your insurance than you will ever get back. Most consumers are not aware that if they file a claim with their insurance company for a jewelry loss that they will not receive a check. All major insurance companies now replace a customer’s jewelry at the lowest possible cost after they go through a bid process among the many suppliers with whom they are aligned. As such, you want your appraisals to be as low as realistically possible to allow for fair market replacement.

Diamond Showcase works with a skilled graduate gemologist (Gemological Institute of America) who prepares appraisals for jewelry brought in by the public.

All appraisals purchased from Diamond Showcase include complementary updates every five years so that you will not have to worry about incurring the cost of additional appraisals as value of your items climbs. The cost for most appraisals is $85 or $95 if there are diamonds of approximately 1 carat or larger, to cover the cost of a color plot of the stone.  Each additional appraisal is performed for $45/$55 for a color plot, and items that do not contain gemstones such as gold bracelets or necklaces are appraised for $30. When we appraise your jewelry, we will also provide a complementary professional cleaning and inspection of all the jewelry items you bring to us. There is no charge for appraisals for jewelry purchased from Diamond Showcase. Please call 602-955-1535 to schedule.

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