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Custom Design Service

Have you always dreamed about that “one of kind” ring or an amazing pair of earrings worn by a model or a celebrity? What about that fabulous diamond necklace you spotted in your favorite magazine but felt it was out of your reach?

At Diamond Showcase, we are here to make your jewelry dreams come true!

Diamond Showcase, Arizona’s premier private custom jeweler, is at your service. Our exclusive, byappointment- only showroom gives you the opportunity to meet privately with one of our professional specialists. Are you looking to buy a diamond? Get advice from one of our knowledgeable GIA Graduate Gemologists. Do you wish to create a custom designed piece of jewelry? Our international award-winning designer will turn your vision into a beautiful, one-of-akind heirloom. No matter what your jewelry needs are, Diamond Showcase offers you exceptional, personalized service.

Diamond Showcase is Arizona's Premier Private Custom Jeweler
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Custom Designs

Diamond Showcase and its team of industry leaders offer you the best in custom design. With over 25 years of experience, our meticulous craftsmen create your unique design with great pride and superior care. You will be able to follow your piece from start to finish during each delicate process of your jewelry creation.

The Creation:
Here is the fun part! You will meet one-on-one with one of our professional designers. This is your chance to describe your dream. Our designers are extremely skilled at transforming your input and opinions into a design on paper for your approval.

The Wax:
Once the rendering is perfected to your satisfaction, our talented wax carver then fashions your design into a “true to size” model. The hand carved wax is a three-dimensional model which will be used to cast your piece of jewelry. This “visual aid” displays all the final details of your piece. This is the step where details such as choice of metal, stones, finishes, etc. are determined with precise accuracy.

The Casting:
Once approved, your wax is then used to make the casting. Whether you choose white gold, yellow gold or platinum, the wax you approved in step 2 is what is used to make your piece come to life. To prepare your wax for casting, a flask is filled with a material called investment for high temperature burnout. High frequency equipment is used to fill the flask with molten metal. The molten metal burns out the wax, leaving behind the finished casting.

The Finishing:
After the casting is complete, the bench jewelry then fashions the casting into a beautiful piece of art all by hand. Here is where our over 25 years experience in fine jewelry-making really shines. With true talent, the bench jewelry precisely shapes that casting and prepares it for setting. With high tech buffing wheels, the piece is then polished to that special shine.

The Inspection:
The final step in our custom design procedure is the inspection. All pieces are hand-polished and carefully inspected before delivery.

The Smile:
We at Diamond Showcase strive to ensure your ultimate satisfaction at the time of delivery. Your new piece of jewelry comes with a warranty and unlimited complimentary cleaning and inspection for the lifetime of the piece!

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