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Diamond Showcase is where educated consumers from Arizona and beyond go to find a diamond inventory that surpasses $15 million in G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) graded diamonds.  While every jewelry store sells diamonds, few have many that are larger than one or two carats.  Almost all of the one carat or larger diamonds we sell have GIA or other grading reports such as AGS, EGL-USA or HRD that meet our high standards for accuracy.  Diamond Showcase guarantees the lowest G.I.A. graded diamond prices of any local area retailer.

Comparison with Internet shopping

Can you buy fully described, specific diamonds cheaper on the Internet?  Sometimes, yes, but they are not necessarily the same quality in color, cut, clarity and finish.  When you order on-line, you only get to look at one or two stones, sometimes already set.  Diamond Showcase can show you multiple stones in a variety of sizes, shapes, clarities and colors without charging your credit card.  And you don’t have to send the stone back and order another one if you don’t like the one sent to you.  For such an important purchase, there is no substitute for comparing diamonds in person under the loupe or microscope to see their brilliance and uniqueness.  We want you to be sure you are getting the finest diamond and value for your money. 


Whether it is your first diamond purchase or your tenth, a GIA educated professional will explain what you need to know to make an informed decision about buying diamonds and jewelry. We appreciate your tastes and budget, value your time, and want to become your trusted jeweler.

Whether it is an intricate custom design, a sparkling diamond, or a jewelry remake, we are here to serve you.

Experienced jewelers to take care of your needs today!

Meet our Staff

Gail DeatsGail Deats is a fine jewelry expert who has over two decades of experience. Prior to coming to Diamond Showcase, Gail owned her own jewelry business in New York. In addition to a private client base, Gail put on jewelry shows for employees of large corporations all over the east coast. Gail has a very different focus and emphasis at Diamond Showcase than the custom designers and diamond experts employed here. Gail’s area of expertise is in pre-made finished jewelry products. If you are not necessarily looking for a custom designed piece of jewelry, speak to Gail. There are many thousands of items that are available from the leading jewelry manufacturers Diamond Showcase works with that we either have on hand or can order for you in a matter of days.

Monday – Saturday from 11-6:30, Gail is the one to ask for when you’re either unsure of what you want, or would like to see the latest fashion trends and styles that are popular today. Gail is experienced in selling diamonds and other fine jewelry to the clients of Diamond Showcase regardless of their price range. For exceptional service, please call ahead for an appointment so we can let Gail know you are coming.

Scott HarrisScott Harris
is a master jeweler who has been creating and manufacturing fine jewelry for over 20 years. Skilled in all aspects of stone setting and jewelry making, his areas of special expertise are in the casting and fabrication of precious metals including platinum and in the lapidary (stone cutting) arts. After years of running his own trade shop serving the jewelry industry throughout the Southwest, he brought his passion for quality and beauty to Diamond Showcase.

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Samples of Scott's work:
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